CILECT Congress 2017: Transmedia & Interdisciplinary Approaches

„The digital change, disappearing audiences, the end of television, the end of cinema...“ In the disruptive era, being a filmmaker seems not to be enough. In the changing media landscape, we need to find strategies of diversification, and we need to step across the border of our traditional profession.



1.1.The Transmedia Turn: Overview on the changing and disruptive media landscape

On the first day of the congress, the focus is on the rapidly changing media world, on the multi-, cross- and transmedia phenomena that have emerged in the last ten years.

1.2.Transmedia in Film Education: Specific strategies within CILECT schools

On the second day of the congress, the focus is on how we deal with the new challenges in our schools, on how transmedia projects become part of our curricula.

1.3.Transdisciplinary Research: Concepts of research that go beyond

On the third day of the congress, the focus is on research and on the question whether the changing media environment requires more complex and interdisciplinary research concepts?


PRACTICE-RELATED ACTIVITIES (workshops, case studies, exhibitions, screenings) covering:


In the last decade interactive films, mainly interactive web documentaries, have immerged. How to plan and make an interactive film? What does storytelling mean in this context? What does it mean in terms of distribution and revenue?


Storytelling in a transmedia environment becomes a complex task. It’s not just about one good story; it’s about a whole variety of interconnected stories that spread in different media. How are such storyworlds conceived and planned? How is it possible to integrate the complexity of such projects in a film school curriculum?


Mixing film and game has gained attention, mainly in the sector of ‚serious games‘, with an educational approach. The question whether traditional storytelling with its standardized structure can be matched with game mechanics is most important when entering this promising transmedia approach. 

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Download: pdf
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