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ALBA x MOME Budapest: Transmedia

MOME Budapest have organized a one week online transmedia workshop for 11 ALBA students, and 5 MOME students.

Thanks to the great implication of Györguy Falvai, international project manager, and Viktoria Szabo, transmedia specialist and teacher, the workshop was a complete success, on both levels of pedagogic content, and human exchange and interaction.

The project theme was “A message from Earth”, and the students had to design a message from humankind to their outer space siblings.

“Humanity has come to the chance to send its message to unknown civilizations. 

You got the task to design it.

It is a noble cause but also a hard one. 

What will the message be? Will you include the whole humanity to write the ‘postcard’ or you do it on your own? What would you tell about us to the unknown? What is the code you’ll use? And what is the tool of the transmission?”

2 Masterclasses with Anne Seibel, La Femis, France

Anne Seibel is an award-winning Production designer, with an impressive career, and a great capacity to share her passion. She is also head of the scenography department at La Femis.

During the two masterclasses, she has generously shared her knowledge, and familiarized ALBA students to the field of production design, and all the related positions. Through lively presentations, and case studies, she has shared her passion and knowledge.

This activity wouldn’t have been possible without the commitment of Nathalie Coste-Cerdan, Director of La Femis, and Julie Tingaud, international relations.


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