„Manaki Brothers“ Film Festival student competition call

ICFF “Manaki Brothers” is the oldest and second biggest festival in the world dedicated to the art of the cinematographer. All of the great masters of this art have come to Bitola over the past 43 years to be acknowledged by our festival for their contribution to the art of film-making and to share their knowledge with their younger colleagues (

At the last edition of the festival that was held from August 20th to August 27th 2022, a student competition program for the first time in the history of  festival was held, in which 12 films from all over Europe competed for our Crystal Camera 300. You can read about the experience of the students that came to the festival here. This year edition will be held from 23 utill 29 September.

Download: ICFF_Manaki_Brothers_First_Steps_Invitation_2023.pdf

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