2013-09-17 The Impact of the Digital Age on the CILECT Schools' Teaching Curricula - ENERC, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The technological development has been constantly increasing since cinema appeared but the entrance into the digital age has accelerated the process leading to radical changes in the patterns of audiovisual production, as well as in the habits of the audience. In this sense CILECT found it essential to discuss how the technological changes have influenced on various levels the teaching curricula. The conference had five round tables with CILECT schools' teachers invited to expose their ideas and debate them:

1 | Producing/Commercialization/Distribution/Marketing Curricula: New Formats.

2 | Editing & Sound Curricula: Technological Changes.

3 | Cinematography Curricula: Technological Changes. 

4 | Screenwriting & Directing Curricula: New Strategies. 

5 | Production Design & Visual Effects Curricula: The Digital Intervention.

Download: CILECT_CONFERENCE_2013_-_ENERC_-_Booklet.pdf


The Impact of the Digital Age on the CILECT Schools' Teaching Curricula, Pablo Rovito, Maria Dora Mourao, Alberto Sileoni, Liliana Mazure, Andrew Walsh, Ana Vinuela, Carlos Ebert, Nap Jamir, Anne Seibel, Bruce Sheridan, Nerio Barberis, Ira Deutchman, Michael Scroggins, John Helliker, Karen Pearlman, Mercedes Alfonsin, Stanislav Semerdjiev, Fernando Spinner, Michael Kowalski, Pietari Koskinen, Garth Holmes
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