CILECT CONGRESS 2018 - Whistling Woods International, Mumbai, India (12-16 November 2018) - CALL FOR PROPOSALS


Directing is a central function for all screen platforms and content formats, and a constantly evolving craft. Though historically it has been the responsibility of a single individual, directing is a practice defined by networks of cooperation and collaboration. It is fundamental to fiction, non-fiction, and animation storytelling across cinema, television and new media, and serves as a principle organizing parameter for film theory and analysis. The majority of screen education programs include the craft of directing, and make it central to the practical aspect of learning for students enrolled in all the screen specializations. What directing means for new forms such as virtual reality and augmented reality is currently the subject of considerable debate in both the professional and educational environments. This theme will guide content and discourse at the 2018 CILECT Congress by serving as an axis from which to reflect on every aspect of screen art, craft and business, such as old and new platforms, modalities of expression, narratives, digitization, and the evolving relationships between directing and other screen crafts.

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CILECT CONGRESS 2018 - Whistling Woods International, Mumbai, India
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