The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Searches a Chief Curator

The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures is in the search for a Chief Curator.  For more information please review the complete Position Description.
The Chief Curator and the curatorial team will enable visitors to explore movie-making’s artistic process, the diverse artforms that come together to make a movie, and the work of individual artists.  Exhibitions and programs will convey the magic of cinema, offer a glimpse behind the screen, and illuminate the creative and collaborative process of filmmaking. The Academy's unparalleled permanent collections contain more than 13 million photographs, 190,000 film and video assets, 80,000 screenplays, 50,000 posters, and 20,000 production and costume design drawings. The collection also includes more than 1,400 special collections of film legends such as Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn, Alfred Hitchcock, and John Huston. These special collections contain production files, personal correspondence, clippings, contracts, manuscripts, scrapbooks, storyboards, and more. Iconic objects from movie history, like Dorothy’s ruby slippers from Wizard of Oz , Shirley Temple’s tap shoes and miniature Oscar, Mary Pickford's 2709 Bell & Howell movie camera, the Aries 1B lunar lander model from 2001: A Space Odyssey , and a 25-foot Bruce the Shark cast from the original mold for Jaws, are also among the treasures in the Academy’s holdings.
This highly innovative, high-profile and entrepreneurial institution requires a Chief Curator who is thrilled with the opportunity to exhibit and reveal the very best of American and international film-making art.  S/he must have both a scholarly and populist eye for exhibition and collections, and have a demonstrated track-record of shaping exhibitions that honor art, artists and the context in which art is created, while offing experiences that excite and engage an incredibly diverse range of museum visitors.  This position is not for the faint of heart – the eyes of the world, including the artists who create and continually refresh the world’s most popular art form, will be on this museum and its exhibitions. 
More information can be found in the full position description, the building features summary, the collections summary and the Academy Museum website.

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The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Searches a Chief Curator
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