ROBERT MCKEE’s SEMINAR, ECAM, Spain - 27th to 30th November 2019

Robert McKee and Carice van Houten [by Roos Trommelen]

Key issues:

Robert McKee, the most sought-after writing lecturer around the globe. Will give a four days seminar about genre writing.

The seminar will be from 27th to 30th November.

It Will be Taught in English with simultaneous translation into Spanish 20% discount for students.

At McKee’s GENRE Seminar, you will learn three essential genres: HORROR, ACTION and COMEDY, and how they merge to create hybrids. The final GENRE Day is TV SERIES Day, which focuses on the grand long form that draws from all major genres.

Professional and Student Profile


Writers and Playwrights


Creative producers

Students of film and audiovisual schools

Audiovisual and theater professionals

Passionate about movies and series

He has dedicated the last 35 years to educating and mentoring screenwriters, novelists, playwrights, poets, documentary makers, producers, and directors internationally. Those who have learned from McKee have called him “the Aristotle of our time” (Quincy Jones, Ed Saxon, Steve Pressfield to name a few) because of his insight into the substance, structure, style, and principles of the grand art of story. Peter Jackson (writer/director THE LORD OF THE RINGS, THEY SHALL NOT GROW OLD) lauds him as “The Guru of Gurus.”


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