Senior Lecturer in Film and Film Practice - Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

The new Department of Film, Photography and Literary Composition, is seeking a senior lecturer in Film and Film Practice. The position is full time for five years and tasks include but is not exclusive to teaching in the film and photography programmes at first- and second-cycle levels. 

On 1 January 2020, two departments will merge to form the new department, HDK-Valand Academy of Art and Design. Film and Photography will remain separate subjects, but will be work together in a dynamic interdisciplinary, artistic environment to facilitate new areas of research and develop new curriculum and pedagogic strategies.

Together with the Academy of Music and Drama we will form part of the largest fine arts and performing arts faculties in Scandinavia, offering a unique broad artistic education and research. These departments are centrally located in Gothenburg and collaborate closely with actors in the local and regional cultural community but also include a wide-ranging international network and many international collaborating partners. Read more about Valand Academy  and HDK on their websites.

Subject area

Film and Film Practice

Job assignments

The programmes at first and second-cycle levels in film and photography allow for collaborative workshops organised around common themes and subjects. The successful candidate will be expected to teach in the areas of both the moving image (film) and still image (photography). In this context teaching includes supervision of student projects, development of course content and administrative responsibilities that pertain to assessment and evaluation.  

Teaching responsibilities and tasks at first- and second-cycle levels includes course syllabus development, participation in working groups with other lecturers and examinations which can include assessments with other lecturers and across subjects. Special emphasis will be placed on the candidate’s capacity to develop collaborations between the film and photography subject areas. In addition, the position requires participation in the development of activities within the subject area and the Department. The work environment is one in which colleagues work in close collaboration with each other both within the area of film and across subjects (photography and other).

The film programme has several local collaborations with the film community and international parternships with other education institutions. The successful candidate will be expected to cultivate these relationships and contribute to the network of local and international partnerships.

Teachers at Valand Academy are expected to pursue their own artistic activity as well as monitor trends within their own subject area and social trends in general where these are important for the subject area.

Within the Department, you are eligible to apply internally for research time.

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Senior Lecturer in Film and Film Practice
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