Career Readiness for Students - showcase WIP work and engage in pre-hiring of students.


Students finish school, which may include brand projects — key for potential portfolio growth — and have nothing to show for their efforts unless they can negotiate for rights to their own work.

This creates a disadvantage for the student’s portfolio, as well as for the recruiters/companies who may want to hire new talent and aren’t getting complete pictures of the student/talent landscape.

This results in a partial solutions through the decreasingly-attended two-headed marketplace of job fairs, or traditional job application w/ supplemental portfolio work.


Improve the recruiting process — getting access to WIP or semi-published work.

Empower students — cloud hosting.

End goal: pre-hire students into the industry.

Marketers get access to the 10 best jobs per/week. Up-voted by users within the system.

Center for Excellent IT Education, Excited.

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