Call for academic papers and 2021 Prize for the best research in film and audiovisual technology

Title: Meetings  Search / Create 2021

Type of event: Call for academic papers and 2021 Prize for the best research in film and audiovisual technology.

Organization: the CST (Baptiste Heynemann), the ENS Louis-Lumière (Giusy Pisano) and the Pierre Naville Center at Paris Saclay University (Réjane Hamus-Vallée).


• July 3, 2020: submission of a presentation proposal (3,000 characters), accompanied by a short bio-bibliography.

• September 15, 2020: response of the academic committee.

• October 31, 2020: submission of applications for the Best Research Award (master or doctorate).

• January 14 and 15, 2021: 2nd Search / Create meeting and award of the Prize.

Location: Parc Floral, Paris

Description: As part of the Paris Images Trade Show (Micro Salon AFC, the Production Forum), since January 2020, annual meetings have taken place around the subject of technology and research technicians in France. These meetings offer a privileged moment of exchange between professionals and researchers, masters candidates, doctoral students and more experienced researchers, working in different disciplines but approaching the subject of technique and/or cinema or audiovisual technicians.

The presentation proposals may relate to case studies (specific profession, material, action OU movement, practice, etc.) or to a more theoretical or methodological reflection on these issues. These works could come from different disciplines, the objective of these meetings being to intersect approaches, problems and different possibilities within the framework of a broader reflection that these annual meetings incite.

Presentation proposals: (3,000 characters) must be submitted to the website before July 3, 2020.

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as well as information on the 2021 Prize for Best Research in Film and Audiovisual Technology.



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2021 Prize for the best research in film and audiovisual technology
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