Working with Actors - CILECT Conference, HFF, Munich, GERMANY (17-19 November 2015)

The 2015 Annual CILECT Conference in HFFM, Munich, Germany, will concentrate on the theme Working with Actors. It will cover all three possible aspects: Understanding the Acting Process: Pre-Production, Directing the Actors on the Set: Production, and Polishing the Actors' Performance: Post-Production. After so many focuses on the challenges of new technologies and media, this conference will give schools the chance to glimpse back on the fundamentals of filmmaking.

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Download: CILECT_CONFERENCE_2015_-_HFFM_-_Accommodation.pdf
Download: CILECT_CONFERENCE_2015_-_HFFM_-_Keynote_Outline_-_Andreas_Gruber.pdf

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CILECT Conference, Andreas Gruber, HFF, Understanding the Acting Process: Pre-Production, Directing the Actors on the Set: Production, Polishing the Actors' Performance: Post-Production
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