Full Membership Candidacy Rules

Applicants for Full Membership are established film, television and/or new media educational institutions, recognized by the appropriate state authorities in their countries. They must train students to a level not lower than a 3-year Bachelor’s degree. They must have been in existence for at least five years prior to the date of application. They must have appropriate staff, equipment, and finances to support an educational process at professional standards.

Full Membership applications are reviewed permanently. The admission process involves five steps:

  1. The institution submits the Full Membership Application Form (attached) and any supporting documents (including a DVD selection of student films of total duration not longer than 60 minutes).
  2. In case the review of the documents submitted is positive, the institution pays by bank transfer a non-refundable EUR 900 Assessment Fee (which includes all further administrative proceedings of the Executive Council and the visitation of the institution by an Executive Council ambassador).
  3. The institution organizes the visit of the Executive Council ambassador to the school. After the visit the ambassador prepares a written report and presents it at the first Executive Council meeting.
  4. In case the report of the ambassador is favorable and the Executive Council decides to propose the school for Full Membership the institution attends the next General Assembly of CILECT where it has the obligation and privilege to present itself.
  5. Institutions become CILECT Full Members de facto upon receipt of the first fee (currently EUR 1,600 per year).

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All materials MUST be sent by air mail AND email to:
Prof.Dr. Stanislav Semerdjiev
Executive Director CILECT
108a Rakovsky str, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

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