電影學院 - 香港浸會大學

Academy of Film / Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU)

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Basic facts

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電影學院 - 香港浸會大學
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Academy of Film / Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU)
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Prof. MAN Kit Wah, Eva
Address :
Academy of Film, Hong Kong Baptist University. Room CVA 937, 9/F, Communication & Visual Arts Building. 5 Hereford Road, Kowloon
Hong Kong

Mission & Strategy

The Academy of Film is dedicated to the provision of cinematic-arts and creative media education to cultivate talented professionals capable of contributing to Hong Kong’s arts and cultural industries. For the last four decades, it has been the chief provider of cinema, television and media education in Hong Kong. It is currently Hong Kong’s flagship film school in terms of its size, breadth of programmes, distinguished alumni and strong industry connections.

In line with the University’s mission to provide ‘whole-person’ education, the Academy strives to broaden students’ academic vision and equip them with thorough professional knowledge. Our curriculum offers broad training in both practical and theoretical dimensions of film and media studies, script writing, film and television production, animation, post-production and digital media. The expertise of its teaching staff in film and television production and creative technology helps the Academy to cultivate new talent to contribute to the rapidly growing creative industries in the Greater China region. We intend the Academy to become the top film school in Asia.

The Academy currently offers four full-time programmes to over 700 students at higher diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate degree levels.


Sources of financing

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Types of financing

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Degree areas

BA (Hons) in Creative Writing for Film, Television and New Media (Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Writing for Film, Televis, Full-Time)
BCOMM (Hons) – Film Major (Bachelor of Communication (Honours) – Film Major, Full-Time)
HD in Creative Film Production (Higher Diploma in Creative Film Production , Full-Time)
MFA in Film, Television and Digital Media (Master of Fine Arts in Film, Television and Digital Media, Full-Time)

Non-degree courses

Basic Short Courses
(for students with a high Institution diploma ONLY):
Post-Graduate Training
(for students with a B.A degree):
Post-Graduate Training
(for students with an M.A or M.F.A. degree):
Advanced Training of Professionals:

Student incentives


Professors (incl. Full, Associate & Adjunct):
Teaching Assistants:
Industry Professionals:
Administrative Staff:
Technical Staff:

Facilities, equipment & production


Library & Film/DVD Archive:

Number of Volumes

Technical Facilities:

Number and Square Meters
Example: 2*30 sq.m.

Camera Equipment:

Number and Type
Example: 3*Canon EOS 6D, 5*ARRI D21

Editing Stations :

Number and Type
Example: 2*AVID

Sound Equipment:

Number and Type
Example: 2*Sennheiser Mic

Visual Effects Stations:

Number and Type
Example: 2*Apple iMac

Production Design Equipment:

Number and Square Meters
Example: 2*20 sq.m.

Total Annual Production:


Strategic alliances with the industry

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