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Patrick Read Johnson

School: University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA)
Field of Teaching: Directing
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Major Achievements: Patrick Read Johnson was born on May 7th, 1962, and, again, on May 7th, 1968, while watching Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: a space odyssey”. His subsequent years as a Super-8 filmmaking teen with too much ambition, too little supervision, and unfettered access to power tools and flammable liquids, might been worse on his family and friends, but for an unlikely series of events that propelled him from tiny Wadsworth, Illinois to Hollywood, California, in the spring of 1977, when an unknown film called “Star Wars” was just finishing up post-production. Watching the unfinished work-print at the visual effects facility for Lucas’ epic, along with a chance meeting, the next day, with Steven Spielberg, on the set “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” convinced Johnson to pack up his Ford Pinto and head for L.A., where he quickly landed a job as a model maker at a local visual effects facility. A year later, at the age of 19, he sold his first screenplay to 20th Century Fox and, for the next 7 years, lived the dual identity of occasionally-working Screenwriter/constantly-working Visual Effects Artist.

Finally, in 1988, he co-wrote the script "Martians!!!" which was produced the next year under Johnson's direction. The 2 million dollar film so impressed Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy that the director/producer duo helped arrange for its theatrical distribution through Touchstone Pictures, which released the work in 1990 as "Spaced Invaders". It also garnered Johnson a first look Directing/Writing/Producing deal with Universal Studios. One of the first projects to go into development, in partnership with screenwriter Charles Edward Pogue, was "Dragonheart", starring Dennis Quaid and Sean Connery.

Johnson’s feature and television motion picture directing credits include: "Spaced Invaders" (Touchstone, 1990), "Baby's Day Out" (20th Century Fox, 1994) and "Angus" (Turner Pictures, 1995), “When Good Ghouls go Bad” (Fox Television), starring Christopher Lloyd, and the upcoming

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