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Peter Hegedus

School: Griffith Film School (GFS)
Field of Studies: Film
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Major Achievements: Mr Peter Hegedus has been making documentaries professionally since 1999. He has a Doctorate in Visual Arts from Griffith and has mentored numerous students and up and coming filmmakers. His films have won many awards from around the world and been broadcast on both international and national TV stations.
His drive as a filmmaker is about contributing to positive change in the world, and his company Soul Vision Films was established for the very purpose of producing documentaries that can make a difference in some way. Find out more about Peter's latest work on the Soul Vision Films website.
Peter completed his degree and postgraduate studies in Film and Television at Griffith Film School and began making Grandfathers and Revolutions, a story about his grandfather who called in the Soviet troops to quash the Hungarian Revolution in 1956. At 24 he began his first feature length documentary as an international co-production. Inheritance, a Fisherman’s Story is based around the ecological disaster which occurred in Hungary in 2000. The film was shortlisted for the 2004 Academy Awards and won an additional five awards around the world.
One of his recent documentaries, My America, was six years in the making and looks at Peter’s personal struggle and transition from unpacking his childhood fantasy about America and beginning to see the world’s only superpower in a more realistic light. In the process he travels the world asking people what their dreams are. While only completed in March 2011, the film has already had positive feedback from several film festivals worldwide.
My America and Hegedus' latest documentary, The Trouble With St Mary's were both screened at the Brisbane International Film Festival in 2011 and have attracted national and international interest

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