Interns to work alongside Latin Grammy winner Andres Landinez for UNAM project

We are on the last stages of a very special, first of its kind project alongside UNAM - the world's first touch-paper, talking, Spanish dictionary for children. 

It brings 1000 words spoken by native speakers of all ages (largely in part with UNAM), interactive games assisted by children’s #1 educational app maker Joe Shochet - and a beautiful, robust portray of Mexico’s culture, seen and heard in context…and yes, also on paper!

The extremely talented Andres Landinez - known for Latin American film making and Grammy-winning producing albums -  has begun sound producing this very special ‘book’ and we are looking for students at the CILECT community introducing in interning briefly for this project.
Andres is originally from Columbia and our book focuses on Mexico. We want to be sure we have a well versed team of people to ensure we do the sounds fo Mexico the justice it deserves! We love giving back and this of course is a rich experience and network building opportunity. The work is minimal.

Intern tasks would include:

  • Audio editing the word pronunciations by UNAM staff and families 
  • Working with Andres as he creates unique soundscapes highlighting Mexican culture and music, representing the themes explore in the talking dictionary 
  • Working with Andres as he develops sounds for other elements in the book - like volume controls, gaming controls, the snooze feature and other

The work is straight forward, allows room for creativity - and again, not time consuming. Interns can sign on to help for a slated amount of days or even hours - and be credited directly in the book credits. 

Download: TD1_ESP_MEX_CASE.pdf

Attached videos:

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