Partner Membership Candidacy Rules


3.1.4. Partner Members are institutions which collaborate with CILECT for the benefit of CILECT and its members.


3.2.14. An institution wishing to become a Partner Member should apply to the Executive Director submitting the following documents: a letter indicating the shared goals and interests between the applicant and CILECT; a statement of intent concerning how the applicant plans to support CILECT activities. a copy of the applicant’s annual report and other written material that would help the Executive Council to understand the institution more fully.

3.2.15. In case the requirements outlined in 3.2.14 are met, the Executive Director presents the application to the Executive Council. The Executive Council may either reject the application or take a decision to propose the institution for Partner Membership at the next General Assembly.

3.2.16. In case the Executive Council rejects the application, this decision is final. It shall be formally reported to the next General Assembly.

3.2.17. For an institution to be accepted as a Partner Member its presence at the General Assembly held during the period of its candidacy is obligatory.

3.2.18. Partner Members are admitted by the General Assembly in an open ballot by a majority of at least one half plus one of the Full Members present at the voting session and can take part in all sessions of the same General Assembly.

NB: Partner Membership applications are reviewed permanently.

CILECT Partner Membership Annual Fee is agreed upon by CILECT and the Partner Member.

Apllication Form can be downloaded from the CILECT website. It MUST be sent by email to:

Prof.Dr. Stanislav Semerdjiev, Executive Director CILECT, 

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