Universitatea Nationala de Arta Teatrala si Cinematografica (UNATC)

National University of Theatre and Film (UNATC)

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Basic facts

Complete Name and Acronym (in original language):
Universitatea Nationala de Arta Teatrala si Cinematografica (UNATC)
Complete Name and Acronym (in English language):
National University of Theatre and Film (UNATC)
Year of Foundation:
Year of Admission as CILECT Member:
Year of Receiving a State Accreditation:
Agency (-ies) Who Awarded the State Accreditation:
Name of Director:
Liviu Lucaci PhD
Address :
75-77, Matei Voievod street, 2nd Sector, Bucharest

Mission & Strategy

UNATC assumes as fundamental mission:
1) The training of specialists in the field of performing arts and film and related areas (media, multimedia, artistic and cultural marketing and management, artistic pedagogy) at BA, MA and doctoral level, as research university for advanced / artistic creation and education in artistic and professional excellence profile;
2) Promoting the spirit of innovation and excellence, critical thinking and creativity through individual and collective artistic creation, through scientific research and exploitation and dissemination of results in national and international context;
3) The protection of cultural identity, promoting and supporting the diversity of forms of expression and creative content;
4) The protection of academic democratic framework, based on respect for fundamental rights and freedoms;
5) The active citizen participation in society, promoting social inclusion and entrepreneurship for good relations with the labor market.
UNATC assumes its role as national cultural center that contributes to the formation, development, transmission and dissemination of cultural values​​, and represents a benchmark for the art and culture of our country, a generator of artistic and cultural events.


Sources of financing

Percentage of the Total

Types of financing

Percentage of the Total

Degree areas

Bachelor of Arts (3 years) (BA diploma, Full-Time)
Doctorate (3 years) (PhD Diploma, Full-Time)
Master of Arts (2 years) (MA Diploma, Full-Time)

Non-degree courses

Student incentives


Professors (incl. Full, Associate & Adjunct):
Teaching Assistants:
Industry Professionals:
Administrative Staff:
Technical Staff:

Facilities, equipment & production


Library & Film/DVD Archive:

Number of Volumes

Technical Facilities:

Number and Square Meters
Example: 2*30 sq.m.

Camera Equipment:

Number and Type
Example: 3*Canon EOS 6D, 5*ARRI D21

Editing Stations :

Number and Type
Example: 2*AVID

Sound Equipment:

Number and Type
Example: 2*Sennheiser Mic

Visual Effects Stations:

Number and Type
Example: 2*Apple iMac

Production Design Equipment:

Number and Square Meters
Example: 2*20 sq.m.

Total Annual Production:


Past successful graduates

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