Stockholms Konstnärliga Högskola (SKH)

Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH)

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Basic facts

Complete Name and Acronym (in original language):
Stockholms Konstnärliga Högskola (SKH)
Complete Name and Acronym (in English language):
Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH)
Year of Foundation:
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Educational Council
Name of Director:
Paula Crabtree
Address :
Box 240 45, 104 50 Stockholm

Mission & Strategy

The common denominator for all of the StockholmUniversity of the Arts’ activities
is the generation of a narrative for an audience. All courses and programmes are based on the
significance of each student and each professional role for the portrayal as a whole.
This is where the story begins.

The Stockholm University of the Arts provides development and training in narrative and portrayal for stage, screen and media. Its activities include all key components of the artistic process, maintaining a cutting-edge position to provide inspiration and motivation for professional, artistic and educational development. The Academy’s assignment is to contribute to quality and renewal in stage, screen and media arts.
Our vision is to create exceptional opportunities for societal development and knowledge of tomorrow through its unique composition of education and artistic research.
To realise this vision, we will:
• educate independent artists, teachers and researchers to become driving forces in their fields
• nurture a dynamic and critically reflective environment for research and development
• create encounters and dialogues between professional practitioners and society
• enhance our skills and expertise to meet the unforeseen challenges of a rapidly changing society through excellence, diversity and risk-taking
• be a consistent administrative organisation with a transparent, attractive and dynamic learning and work environment, characterised by broad recruitment of students and staff
• fulfill the requirements for attaining the status of a university.

Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH) was established on January 1, 2014, when DOCH, the School of Dance and Circus, the School of Opera and the Stockholm School of Drama were merged into a single university.
SKH a strong environment for artistic research.

Right to award degrees at third-cycle level
In June 2016 SKH became the first university of the arts in Sweden to be granted the right to award degrees at third-cycle level.

Stockholm University of the Arts will, through its pioneering educational environment and innovative research, increase the power of the arts. A leading Arts University, we address and confront the challenges of society today.

In order to realise this vision, we will build a unified community that encourages responsible artistic and creative boldness. We will:

train the next generation of leading artists, researchers and educators - our alumni will actively influence the future of the arts

develop experimental, innovative and collaborative artistic research environments where art forms are strengthened and the dialogue around the arts and education is reinforced

contribute to active dialogue with the wider society underpinned by a cutting edge artistic foundation

create a collaborative culture based on a strong sense of inclusivity, responsibility, trust and commitment, where differences are embraced


Sources of financing

Percentage of the Total

Types of financing

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Degree areas

Animation - master (Master 2 years, Full-Time)
Cinematography (Bachelor of Arts (3 yeras), Full-Time)
Directing Documentary - master (Master 2 years, Full-Time)
Directing Fiction - master (Master 2 years, Full-Time)
Documentary film (Bachelor of Arts (3 yeras), Full-Time)
Film directing (Bachelor of Arts (3 yeras), Full-Time)
Film Editing (Bachelor of Arts (3 yeras), Full-Time)
Film Editing - master (Master 2 years, Full-Time)
Film music composition - master (Master 2 years, Full-Time)
Film Sound Design - master (Master 2 years, Full-Time)
Filmproduction (Bachelor of Arts (3 yeras), Full-Time)
Narrative Animated film (Bachelor of Arts (3 yeras), Full-Time)
New Cinematography - master (Master 2 years, Full-Time)
Producer for Film, Television and New Media - master (Master 2 years, Full-Time)
Production design (Bachelor of Arts (3 yeras), Full-Time)
Production Design - master (Master 2 years, Full-Time)
Radio (Bachelor of Arts (3 yeras), Full-Time)
Radio - master (Master 2 years, Full-Time)
Screenwriting (Bachelor of Arts (3 yeras), Full-Time)
Scriptwriting for Film and Television - master (Master 2 years, Full-Time)
Sound for film and videogames (Bachelor of Arts (3 yeras), Full-Time)
The Art of impact Masterprogramme (Master 2 years, Full-Time)

Non-degree courses

Student incentives


Professors (incl. Full, Associate & Adjunct):
Teaching Assistants:
Industry Professionals:
Administrative Staff:
Technical Staff:

Key teaching staff (Tenure Staff and/or Industry Professionals)

Key guest lecturers (Visiting for Masterclasses, Seminars, Workshops, etc.)

Facilities, equipment & production


Library & Film/DVD Archive:

Number of Volumes

Technical Facilities:

Number and Square Meters
Example: 2*30 sq.m.

Camera Equipment:

Number and Type
Example: 3*Canon EOS 6D, 5*ARRI D21

Editing Stations :

Number and Type
Example: 2*AVID

Sound Equipment:

Number and Type
Example: 2*Sennheiser Mic

Visual Effects Stations:

Number and Type
Example: 2*Apple iMac

Production Design Equipment:

Number and Square Meters
Example: 2*20 sq.m.

Total Annual Production:

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