Key Teaching Staff

Lourdes Endara

School: Advanced Institute of Film and Acting (INCINE)
Field of Teaching: Production; Film studies
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Major Achievements: Audiovisual producer . Director of more than 20 educational , institutional and fiction, as well as several radio in Spanish , Quichua , Shuar , A'i and Portuguese short films series . Production manager on "Sensaciones" (1991); Executive producer "El último en morir" (2015); "Penumbra", project under development . Master of Cultural Studies at the Universidad Andina Simon Bolivar. BA in Anthropology at Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Ecuador, specializing in Communication Studies at ARCIS Institute ( Santiago de Chile). University faculty since 1992, researcher and consultant on issues related to multiculturalism, collective identities, local development , communication, discourse analysis and image .

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