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Kingsley Marshall

School: Falmouth University
Field of Teaching: Cinema
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Major Achievements: Kingsley Marshall is Head of Film & Television at The School of Film & Television (SoFT) at Falmouth University, a subject area that includes BA(Hons) Film, BA(Hons) Television and MA Film & Television. A Senior Lecturer at Falmouth, Kingsley specialises in sound design, film-making practice and production, film and entertainment criticism and philosophical approaches to film. His academic research primarily orientates around the use of sound (including music and effects) in film, and the cinematic representation of the real, including historical figures and events.

He has contributed to Presidents In The Movies: American History and Politics on Screen, which examined the representation of US presidents in film and television and published by Palgrave Macmillan as part of their Evolving Presidency series, and Remembering Watergate, which considered the legacy of the scandal that engulfed the US presidency. Again published by Palgrave Macmillan, its publication coincided with the 40th anniversary of Watergate.

In the last year, he has presented papers on Oliver Stone's work at Rider University, on sonic branding at the Music & Moving Image conference in New York and on the film and studio practice of producer Brian Eno with colleague Rupert Loydell. A chapter centred around collaboration, chance and Eno's Oblique Strategies was published in 2016 in Brian Eno: Oblique Music, edited by Sean Albiez and David Pattie, through Bloomsbury.

A larger PhD research project with the University of East Anglia, entitled The Gulf War Aesthetic: Space, Place & the Unification of Film Sound, interrogates the use of sound in representations of the Iraq War - including film, television and video games. The project is structured around close study informed by a series of interviews with leading film practitioners, including the multiple Academy Award winners behind The Hurt Locker - director Kathryn Bigelow, screenwriter Mark Boal, sound designer Paul Ottosson and editor Chris Innis

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