Key Teaching Staff

Amit Prasad Ballarapu

School: Annapurna College of Film and Media
Field of Teaching: Screen Writing
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Major Achievements: "Amit Prasad is equipped with in-depth theoretical and practical experience in the art and functioning of the film industry. His expertise lies in story development and conceptualization, screenplay development and professional analysis; and in the areas of film production, film acquisition, international sales and distribution.

Amit has worked at More Media, Los Angeles; Eclectic Pictures, California; Vuguru Productions, California and Applied Art Productions, California as Script Supervisor, Creative Assistant, Script Development/Acquisitions and Distribution Executive.

Prior to joining us here, he established an independent production company Videlo Pictures, Hollywood and was also its writer and producer. Amit has completed his Bachelor of Commerce from Andhra University and is an Associate of Science in Film (screenwriting and direction) from the Los Angeles Film School. He has trained under American film industry stalwarts like Michael Eisner (ex-Disney President), Darren Lynn Bousman (Director, Saw 2), Brett Leonard (Director, Lawnmower Man), Valerie Mccaffrey (Producer, American HistoryX) in the art of Story Development and Screen Writing."

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