Key Guest Lecturers

Prema Malini

School: Annapurna College of Film and Media
Field of Teaching: News & TV Production, Introduction to News
Website Reference:
Major Achievements: "Prema Malini Vanam has over 20 years of experience spanning advertising agencies, PR firms, TV, journalism and documentary film making. She is a two-time Nandi award winning TV Journalist, with deep expertise in creating socially relevant television documentaries and news programming. She is an accomplished communications and public relations professional with key and enduring relationships across the political, media and government establishment.

She has worked in Touchstone Advertising Agency, Surya Ad Systems Pvt. Ltd., Frontline Advertising Agency. Later she worked in TV 9 as a principle correspondent and input editor and was responsible for conceptualizing story boards, short films and documentaries to enhance genuineness in news. "

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