Key Guest Lecturers

Bharat Bhushan Singh

School: Annapurna College of Film and Media
Field of Teaching: Psychology of Persuasion & Consumer Behavior
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Major Achievements: "Bharat Bhushan Singh has over 20 years of organizational experience (Indian Air Force) and nearly a decade of academic experience in teaching, mentoring, academic administration, covering all aspects of its functionality. He has provided leadership, in teaching, academic coordination, academic discipline, course development and evaluation, to achieve overall academic excellence.

A professional with a Ph.D. in Management, aspiring to take up higher responsibilities and challenges in education and training industry; his skills are presentations, teaching and training, event organizing and academic administration. He has worked in the government sector (IAF) operations and as an instructor involved in teaching and training in the field of IT, technical training and general management.

He has worked at Vishwa Wishwani Institute of Systems & Management, Malla Reddy Institute of Management, ICFAI University and Loyala Academy during his career and has taught digital marketing, advertising and communication, consumer behaviour, marketing management, brand management, service marketing and principals of management, business research methods and managerial communications in the fields of marketing and general management."

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